About Grizzly

Who we are?

Grizzly Targets is a steel target manufacturing and custom metal fabrication business operated by veterans out of Tampa, FL. The company was originally founded by two guys seeking to revolutionize the steel target and shooting industry by providing superior target systems for the average plinker, shooting range, LEO/MIL agencies, firearms instructor, and competition shooter. We carry this vision with us still today through our innovative target designs and hot-dip galvanization of our target systems to ensure our products will last in any climate.

With USSOCOM and USCENTCOM (Special Operations Command and Central Command) right in our back yard we have been afforded the opportunity to work closely in support of our military to provide them with targets needed for crucial training. Being veterans ourselves we understand the needs of our military service members for quality training to prepare them to deploy overseas and defend our great nation. We were so honored by this opportunity we even named one of our plate racks the SOCOM Rack, because it is tough and can take whatever is thrown at it.

We also support our local and federal law enforcement departments and agencies by providing them with not only discounts, but also by donating targets and target systems for their annual training and for special teams training events.

Being a small business ourselves we work closely with many of our industry manufactures through promotions, giveaways, and range day events to provide them the opportunity to meet their customers promote and demo their products.

We have made it our mission to partner with many of our local ranges to provide their shooters and customers with steel targets, but also drive new shooters traffic to their ranges through sponsorship events.

All these opportunities have not only provided us the chance to work closely with our customers and industry partners, but is has given us an insight into the needs of the community and feedback on our targets. This allows us to improve, develop, and manufacture new and innovative products for our customers.