About Grizzly Targets


Grizzly Targets is American Made

Grizzly Targets is a steel target manufacturing business operated by veterans out of Tampa, FL. Our mission is to provide superior target systems and customer service for LEO/MIL agencies, ranges, firearms instructors, and competition shooting clubs. Our steel targets are 100% handcrafted and built by hard working Americans. We achieve success through our durable innovative target designs and further hot-dip galvanize our target systems to ensure our products will last in any climate.

Our “Built to Last” brand reputation speaks for itself, but we would rather our customers do it for us. You can learn more about our Grizzly Guarantee here. Or contact us for referrals.

Some of our customers include

  • Overseas bases
  • SWAT
  • SRT teams throughout the USA
  • FBI/DEA/Customs Border Patrol
  • Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices
  • Board of Prisons
  • Special Operation Units
  • Small to large sporting clubs/private ranges
  • Firearms trainers small and big
  • Federal and state public ranges

Interested in wholesale pricing? For a copy of our Grizzly Targets Wholesale Pricing Catalog, please click here.

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