American Made


Buying American-Made products surpasses simple patriotism, but further helps to contribute to a brighter and more stable future for the entire country through the support of our local businesses.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy American-made products:

  1. Provides job for future generations
  • Creating demand for American-made products means that more people will need to create those American-made products.
  1. Promotes American independence
  • We need to end our reliance on the exports of other countries and take back our independence by buying products made at home.
  1. Better for the environment
  • If we invest in American-made products, we can be sure that we are doing our part to contribute to a cleaner environment for our generation, not to mention the generations to come.
  1. Our government cannot control foreign labor standards
  • Importing goods from abroad means that we do not have the same level of control and transparency as we do in the U.S. Sweatshops are rampant in third-world countries where many products are manufactured. Buying foreign products, in many cases, supports these violations against workers abroad.
  1. Boosts American investment opportunities
  • The more that is pushed into national manufacturing, the more the nation’s economy will reap the benefits. With growth in manufacturing comes a surge in investment opportunities.
  1. Guaranteed quality of goods
  • The term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product.
  1. Guaranteed safer and fair working conditions
  • The U.S government puts controls and regulations in place to minimize accidents, while granting rights to employees. Foreign countries may not have the same level of health and safety, and imports may be contributing to unsafe conditions for thousands of workers.
  1. Helps to reduce the deficit
  • Whether we like it or not, the USA has a trade deficit that needs to be addressed and eliminated. Investing in American-Made products will boost the American economy which, in turn, will reduce the deficit.
  1. Avoid foreign political debates
  • Importing goods into the country can produce a whole host of barriers and obstacles, particularly with nations whose diplomatic relationships may be tense. Manufacturing in the USA means these potential obstacles can simply be removed.
  1. Outsourced manufacturing plants rarely return to the U.S.
  •  One less considered factor is that once a product has been outsourced to a foreign country, in too many cases it will never again be manufactured in the US