Meet Brooks Watkins

Brooks Watkins, Main Grizzly Man

Brooks Watkins grew up in and around the manufacturing industry and spent his formative years between Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida. He’s a true family man who has deep admiration for his parents and grandparents for their generational perspective. Most days, he’d rather be fishing or hunting with his wife and three boys.

Brooks is an avid runner and beer drinker (take him to happy hour and you’ll find him sipping on a Coors Light in a bottle) who believes, “today is the day” and can’t stand being late, folding clothes, or faulty boat fuel gauges! Most of his peers and colleagues would describe Brooks as intense, genuine, and weird. Nevertheless, he hopes people remember him as being dedicated to his family, his business savviness, and his honesty. Brooks is a proud advocate for his community and is specifically concerned about supporting Wounded Veterans, his children’s school, and the Tampa Bay Estuary.

Brooks went to the University of Georgia where he received a degree in Economics. Later, he attended Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. As a passionate reader, Brooks believes you should never stop learning or trying to be the best version of yourself. If he’s not reading books on the great outdoors or economic strategy, you will most likely catch him flipping through the Florida Sportsman Magazine or The Economist.