AR500 Steel Target Manufacturer

Don’t Call it a Comeback. Grizzly Targets is Renovating, Re-Grouping and Re-Energizing the Industry.

The American Worker Rises Again.

Manufacturing is not dead.  With all the negativity of the election and the doom and gloom scenario of US manufacturing being broadcast from dawn to dusk, a couple of guys in Tampa Florida just decided enough is enough. Roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Mark Askren and Jeremy Griffin are taking the reins of the fast growing, American based AR500 steel target manufacturer Grizzly Targets.  With ownership deciding to focus on other ventures, the two guys that helped launch the company from Mark’s garage to mainstay in the course of three years decided that the doors cannot close.

“We have an incredible opportunity here, to create something truly unique in the firearms industry” says Jeremy, who runs the marketing agency HCHC Advertising.  Having worked with ownership on previous projects, Jeremy brought the company from launching in early 2013 to a major player, with clients including Cabelas, Dillon Precision and a slew of retailers and ranges from coast to coast.  “The only tool we have used to get us to this point is social media.  Going forward, we’ll keep at it, along with much more interactive media that is going to bring value to industry as a whole”.

Grizzly Products Corp began by selling traditional, heavy duty AR500 steel targets.  Being too large and clunky, they developed the BYOR line of targets with HCHC Advertising.  “Retailers loved our stuff, but it took up a ton of floor space and the shipping costs were just killing the margins.  The BYOR lineup eliminates both of those obstacles while also giving the consumer an incredible amount of options when designing their systems. Our interlocking connector pieces really helped us create something unique”.

Shortly after the BYOR launch, the company became bogged down with a series of other projects including movement into the powder, brass and ammunition areas of the industry.  “We tried a few things, it didn’t work out, and it strayed us from our core mission helping people Train Harder.  We are a firearms training supply company, and are now back to doing what we do best- increasing your training experience”.

No more brass.  No more powder.  No more ammo. Just targets and training equipment. Back to what got the whole thing started.

“The quality of our products is unmatched” states Mark Askren, a 30 year master welder who launched the company from his garage in 2013.  “Between the craftsmanship, the customer service and our hot dip galvanizing technique, there isn’t really a company out there that can compete with us”.

So why doesn’t every group of workers simply band together and create their own company?  Capital restraints is always high on the list of reasons, and this situation is no different.  If Grizzly is going to survive, they are in need of an investment partner in order to get them through this initial re-launch.

“It’s not going to take a lot to get this going again, and with years of proven target sales we are confident that we can pull this off.  There’s not two guys in the industry more hungry to make this work”.

For more information, please contact Jeremy Griffin at 813-323-7481 or email at