The following are a few common questions we tend to get asked...

It is a measurement of Abrasion Resistance. AR500 is a steel alloy that has been heat-treated to hardness of 500BHN. A rating of 500 is the industry standard that is preferred for professional/rifle usage to ensure the steel does not become damaged.

Grizzly Targets, can withstand a pounding. See our chart to see which targets are best for which caliber.

Never use any Armor Piercing, green tip, XM-855, steel core or any ammunition with steel in or on it. Steel ammo not only causes pitting but also ricochets more and does not breaking down on impact like lead does.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes. Please contact our office to place your order.

High Concentration of heat such as plasma cutting will change the hardness of the steel near the cutting edge making the edges more prone to chipping when impacted by a bullet. Laser-cutting is faster to ensure that there is little to no heat added to the AR500 so that your targets are just as strong on the edges as the center of the target. Laser-cut targets are cool to the touch immediately after cutting.

-Pistol Rated Targets at 25yds and further
-Rifle Rated Targets at 100yds and further

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we offer great discounts. Check out our discounts page!

On top of following your range safety rules as well as our distance and caliber recommendations, ALL bystanders in the area must wear eye and ear protection as well.