Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to some of the more frequently asked questions that we get from customers. Any further questions that you don’t see here can be answered by contacting us directly.

General Frequently Asked Questions

What does AR500 mean?

It is a measurement of Abrasion Resistance. AR500 is a steel alloy that has been heat-treated to hardness of 500BHN. A rating of 500 is the industry standard that is preferred for professional/rifle usage to ensure the steel does not become damaged.

Which calibers can I shoot your targets with?

One of our most frequently asked questions—Grizzly Targets, can withstand a pounding. See our chart to see which targets are best for which caliber.

What about Armor Piercing/Green Tip?

Never use any Armor Piercing, green tip, XM-855, steel core or any ammunition with steel in or on it. Steel ammo not only causes pitting but also ricochets more and does not break down on impact like lead does.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes we do accept purchase orders. Please contact our office to place your order.

Why are laser-cut AR500 targets better?

High Concentration of heat such as plasma cutting will change the hardness of the steel near the cutting edge making the edges more prone to chipping when impacted by a bullet. Laser-cutting is faster to ensure that there is little to no heat added to the AR500 so that your targets are just as strong on the edges as the center of the target. Laser-cut targets are cool to the touch immediately after cutting.

Any extra safety requirements that I should keep in mind when shooting steel targets?

On top of following the safety rules for your preferred range, as well as our distance and caliber recommendations, ALL bystanders in the area must wear eye and ear protection as well.

At which distances should I shoot your targets from?

  • Pistol Rated Targets at 25yds and further
  • Rifle Rated Targets at 100yds and further

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we offer great discounts. Check out our discounts page!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Galvanization Process

Our Grizzly Galvanization process helps prevent corrosion of our steel targets, and ensures that all of them will stay rust-free for many years. For more information, see our galvanization frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About SR500 Steel Targets

At what distance should I shoot SR500 steel targets? Can I be closer than AR500 steel targets?

The recommended distance is the same for SR500 Steel Targets and AR500. We design our targets to deflect shrapnel towards the ground to increase safety. However, proper distance should always be maintained. 

  • Pistol Rated Targets at 25 yards and further
  • Rifle Rated Targets at 100 yards and further

Are your SR500 targets laser-cut? Why is laser-cut better?

Yes, we laser cut all of our SR500 and AR500 steel targets to ensure they are built to last. At Grizzly Targets, we use a high power laser to give us cleaner and faster cuts. Laser-cutting ensures that there is little to no heat added to the steel targets allowing it maintain its hardness all the way to the edges. Laser-cut targets are cool to the touch immediately after cutting.

Can I use Armor Piercing/Green Tip with SR500 Steel Targets?

Although SR500 Steel is harder and more consistent than AR500 Steel, armor piercing rounds will damage and destroy the steel. This is because SR500 has a 500 HBW guarantee while armor piercing ammo is 600–2500 HBW. Learn more about SR500 steel and its qualities.

What caliber can I shoot SR500 steel targets with?

The consistency of SR500 steel allows us to make exact recommendations for your desired ammunition. For example, we can now reliably recommend 3/8” SR500 Steel Targets for any non steel projectile under 3000 fps at 100m with no pitting. You can find more information on our target selection page.

I’m a hunter/non-tactical shooter — Should I invest in SR500 Steel Targets?

This will always depend on the user. If you use steel targets frequently or want to make sure you are going to have a consistent experience, then we would recommend investing in SR500 Steel Targets. If you only use steel targets occasionally and are following proper guidelines, maybe not. However, you should consider the safety aspects of this new material.

Are SR500 targets galvanized just like AR500 targets?

All supporting brackets and stands go through our galvanization process to ensure maximum durability. Our SR500 and AR500 target faceplates are strictly painted and never galvanized. You can read more about our galvanization process here.

If you have any questions or concerns that isn’t available in the frequently asked questions, please contact us.