Grizzly Guarantee

The Grizzly Guarantee

At Grizzly Targets (GT) we stand by “Built to Last”. Our customers may return your target to GT if it is not what you thought or was hoping for as long as it has not been shot, at buyers expense. We will refund 100% of purchase price. Every component that is not intended to be shot — known as a non shooting surface (NSS) — is covered by the limited lifetime warranty. However, if the NSS is damaged by gunfire, then it will no longer be covered by the warranty. If any targets fail due to workmanship — for example, a weld breaks at any time — we will replace the part for free, including shipping.

Grizzly Targets shot with rounds to show the durability of our steel targets, part of the Grizzly Guarantee of Built to Last

Conditions of the Grizzly Targets Warranty

Shooting any GT targets with steel jacketed, steel core, incendiary, armor piercing rounds of any kind will void any warranty and may result in damage to the target and increased risk of ricochet. Targets determined to have been shot with firearm calibers higher than the rating specified for the target, base or paddle in question will not be covered by the lifetime warranty. In addition targets shot with steel core, armor piercing or explosive ammunition will not be covered by the lifetime warranty.

1/2 inch thick GT steel targets are rated to 3200 fps (feet per second) at 100 yards

3/8 inch thick GT steel targets are rated to 3200 fps at 100 yards.

1/4 inch thick GT steel targets are rated to pistol/rimfire at 15 yards and shotgun at 25 yards. No rifles.

Faster speeds and shorter distances will degrade or damage these targets voiding the warranty.

Targets will receive shot marks using high powered rounds and many shots in the same location will ultimately pit the surface. These are not manufacturing or steel quality defects and are not covered by the warranty.

Reach Out to Us

Please contact us before returning any item. We will do everything we can to provide you with superior galvanized steel targets and customer service.

That’s the Grizzly Guarantee — Built to Last.

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