Grizzly Guide to Reactive Targets

Grizzly Guide to Reactive Targets + 4 Reactive Steel Targets To Improve Your Shot
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Grizzly Guide to Reactive Targets + 4 Reactive Targets To Improve Your Shot

If you’ve been involved in shooting sports for a long time, you’ll eventually reach a tipping point in your recreational or training career, especially with smaller arms like pistols and most rimfire rifles. What is that critical juncture? …With paper targets, you’ll find yourself quickly growing bored (and that is where steel comes strolling in). While paper targets are wonderful for validating group sizes and are an old standby for rifle shooting that still has a lot of value, shooting paper targets can get really boring when we have pistols in our range bag. Plinking at steel targets of different sizes and orientations has exploded in popularity over the last decade as a result. Keeping all of this in mind, we are here today with our spring loaded assortment of Reactive Steel Targets.

What is a reactive target?

A reactive target is one that has a “reaction” when struck. Typically, reactive targets can be spring loaded (like our Trifecta), have a swinging mechanism (like our Hostage) or have a paddle (like our Dueling Tree). As you can see in Tactical Santi’s video below, the reactive Knockdown square on the Bobbin’ Noggin’ immediately resets for his next shot. Reactive targets are a great way to improve your shot and provide immediate feedback.

Why Shoot Reactive Targets?

Grizzly Targets recommends our Reactive Targets to anyone who is looking to substantially improve their performance. Reactive Targets provide instant feedback that will let you know if you’re right on the money or if you need to work on your skills. Reactive Targets, like our brand new Bobbin Noggin, also ensure we keep our eyes on the target in preparation for follow-up shots. On top of that, reactive targets are just more fun! Check out our top 4 Reactive Targets below.

Grizzly’s Favorite Reactive Targets

Bobbin Noggin

Combining the Grizzly IPSC Reactive and the Reactive Knockdown square gives you rounds of fun and safety. The A-Zone portion of the target is spring loaded and resets upon impact. The main strike plate is mounted on our Galvanized swing bracket.

  • Hot-dip Galvanized back bracket that will never rust
  • Pitched a 27 degree angled strike face (17 ½” x 11 ¾”) to drive bullet splatter downwards
  • 3/8 thick AR500 6″x6″ Square A-zone target face that is pistol and shotgun rated
  • Industrial spring resets after impact
  • Made with grade 8 springs and hardware

Reactive Knockdown

The Grizzly Reactive/Knockdown ticks a lot of boxes. Absorbs rounds well, is fantastic for competition and training, is simple to set up and transport, and, like all Grizzly Targets… Designed to Last. The need to go down range and reset is removed in reactive mode. Simply use the welded wedges to anchor the target into the ground and begin shooting. The spring can also be removed, resulting in a knockout face. The spring resets the 6 inch target onto the AR500 stake plate (without having to travel down range and pick up the target off the ground).

The Grizzly Reactive Knockdown includes:

  • ⅜” thick AR500 6 inch target face
  • Industrial spring resets after impact
  • Spring can be removed for knockdown shots.
  • Uses grade 8 hardware and springs
  • Stake into ground for desired height using welded target wedges
  • Stake is made of hot rolled steel

Trifecta Target System

With three poppers on one target, our Trifecta Target System provides lots of challenges for your team or yourself. When struck, spring loaded AR500 steel recoils and springs back up swiftly. The following are some of the features:

  • Each of the three target faces are 4′′ wide x 14′′ H x 3/8′′ thick factory certified AR500/SR500 steel
  • Upon engagement, all three targets tumble down and auto-reset.
  • Industrial Grade Springs, Grade 8 Bolts, and Nylock Nuts
  • Removable option AR500 Front Guard is 3/8′′ thick
  • Hot-dip galvanized brackets, body, and legs

Double Tap Reactive Popper

The Grizzly Targets Double Reactive Popper, America’s #1 Reactive Spring Loaded Target, has just been multiplied. To effectively engage both targets, the Grizzly Targets Reactive Double Tap demands the shooter use abilities such as accuracy, trigger control, and follow through.

When engaged, the spring-loaded SR500 or AR500 steel auto-resets. Like all Grizzly Targets, this one is built to last.

This reactive target features:

  • 2 target faces measure 4″ at widest point x 14″ H x 3/8″ thick factory tested AR500 or SR500 steel
  • Two reactive targets that auto-reset when engaged
  • Shooter must accurately engage the front target in the torso or head in order to expose the second target behind it
  • Grade 8 bolts and industrial grade springs
  • Brackets and body hot-dip galvanized to last a lifetime
  • Removable legs so the target can be staked into the ground
  • Rated for handgun, rifle calibers up to .308 and rimfire


Reactive Targets are the way to go if you are looking to bring excitement and fun back into your target practice. Grizzly Targets offers a huge selection of Reactive Targets and we’ll be giving you 10% off all Spring Loaded Targets now through the end of April!