Guide to Choosing the Right Target Stand

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Guide to Choosing the Right Target Stand

The biggest component of your stand choice will obviously be your target of choice but what else does the perfect stand decision entail? Let’s dive in!


The target stand’s size is vital since you want to make sure it can be transported conveniently. When traveling to other areas, you’ll also need to make sure that your target stand fits in your vehicle. It will also benefit you if the stand has a tiny footprint so that it can be stored or transported in smaller locations.


You must ensure that your target stand is easy for you to assemble. You might not want to bother with the stand or target if it requires a lot of time and effort to utilize.

A good target stand is usually can be assembled in minutes without the use of any screws or tools. It allows you to rapidly set up and take down your stand at various locations so you can get back to training or get on the road to your next location. Luckily, Grizzly Targets has the stands and peripheral target options for all your range day needs.

Different Stands for Different Terrain

Terrain will be the biggest factor when selecting stands. Being in a situation where your stands are wobbling or causing your targets to be leaning or even falling over is a no-go when training. Make sure to assess the ground makeup before placement.  

Types of Stands for your Steel Targets

Grizzly Targets offers a few different options when it comes to stands for your steel targets.

Standard H Stand

This is your typical industry standard setup that works great on flatter surfaces. These can be used with a standard 2×4 or our Galvanized Steel Post set up or incorporate our All-In-One configuration, if you also shoot paper targets.

XL Series Armored Stand

Obviously, while looking for a new target stand, the overall construction and quality is the most important factor to consider. You’ll be using live ammo to fire at the target you’ve mounted on the stand. But what if you completely miss the target and strike one of the target stand’s legs? Is it strong enough to endure such a blow? If you don’t have good aim, you’ll need to select a target stand that can withstand a little damage. 

Second, the minor components that keep your stand together must be of comparable quality to the legs. When it’s time to pack it up, any tightening screws should be simple to screw or unscrew. Most significantly, they must be able to maintain their grasp even when subjected to high levels of strain or friction as a result of inadvertent hits to the stand. That’s why a heavy gauge steel should be used for any screws or other metal parts.


Our XL Up Armored All In One Stand is a good alternative for steel or paper target stands.

  • Use with both paper and steel targets
  • XL to accommodate any paper or steel target of your choosing
  • All target stand sockets are covered by 3/8′′ AR500 steel
  • Will withstand adverse weather and will never corrode or rust thanks to the Grizzly Galvanization Process

These stands are an industry favorite for a reason, from professional ranges to individual shooters.

All Terrain Stand

All of our target systems can benefit from the All Terrain Stand. This versatile stand was developed in response to customer input over the years who desired a base for uneven and coarse surfaces, as well as the ability to break the stand down and store. Many months of research and development has resulted in a simple, dynamic, and hyper stable foundation that will be ideal for all shooters.

The All Terrain Stand has the advantage of being easily broken down. As a result, you can fit even more targets into a smaller cargo area. For those rare low strikes, the placement of the legs allows for a complete miss of the components on the ground.

All Terrain Stand Features:

  • Built to work with any wooden 2×4 or the Grizzly Galvanized Steel Post
  • Designed to be used on all terrains, flat, heavy brush, or uneven ground
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized to prevent Rust and Corrosion
  • Built with Heavy Duty Grade 8 Hardware to handle abuse and spalling

Stake In/Clay (Hard Ground)

Stake in stands and clay stands allow for the smallest footprint and are easy on the wallet. For a smaller footprint, secure the stakes into the earth. More targets may fit into a smaller space! 

The perfect example of this is the Grizzly Targets 2×4 Stake in Stand

It’s features include:

  • To avoid spinning, the stake is composed of 14 inch (L) angle iron.
  • The landscape is quite uneven.
  • Drainage holes were drilled into the bottom of the container.
  • It’s been hot-dip galvanized to keep it rust-free.

Why invest in a Grizzly Targets Stand?

The value of Grizzly’s target stands speaks for itself. When combined with our competitive pricing, our galvanization process, and the Grizzly Guarantee, there really is no substitute.

At Grizzly Targets, we stand by “Built to Last”. You may return your target to GT if it is not what you thought or was hoping for as long as it has not been shot, at buyers expense. We will refund 100% of the purchase price. Every component that is not intended to be shot — known as a non shooting surface (NSS) — is covered by the limited lifetime warranty. However, if the NSS is damaged by gunfire, then it will no longer be covered by the warranty. If any targets fail due to workmanship, for example a weld breaks at any time, we will replace the part for free, including shipping.


There you have it! Never leave for training at the range without the proper equipment. The stand in your truck is just as important as the target system you set it on. Grizzly stands will only solidify your training while continuing to be Built to Last!