Is It Safe to Shoot Steel Targets With FMJ Ammo?


Is It Safe to Shoot Steel Targets With FMJ Ammo?

Is It Safe to Use FMJ Ammo to Shoot Steel Targets?

FMJ ammo is safe to shoot at steel targets. The ballistics of FMJ (lead-core copper jacketed) allow the bullet to break apart into tiny pieces and evaporate from danger. A proper quality steel target that is well maintained and is reactive or set at a pitch will safely handle FMJ. Frangible ammo is the best round for shooting steel, it completely disintegrates when impacting the target.

What Ammunition Should I Be Using With Steel Targets?

FMJ ammo or ball ammo works well with steel targets. Frangible ammo is the best round for shooting steel because it disintegrates on impact. Avoiding steel core, armor piercing or green tip is a must, they do not break apart easily making them unsafe while destroying the target.

What is FMJ Ammo?

Full metal jacket bullets have an outer shell made from one metal, with a softer interior core manufactured from another—the latter typically being lead. FMJ is the firearm industry’s shorthand for the design, although some refer to it as “ball.”

What is FMJ Ammo Used For?

FMJ ammo is most often used for range training. The soft nature of FMJ ammo makes them unsuitable for hunting and other activities.

Why Is FMJ Not Allowed at Range?

Some ranges that have experienced shooters using non recommended ammo/distances and will check ammo or ask for a waiver.  

Is It a Good Idea to Use FMJ Bullets With Steel Targets?

With steel targets, the softer the round the better. For example, frangible ammo is the best because it disintegrates, but it can often be hard to find and expensive to purchase. In contrast, armor piercing or steel core bullets are dangerous and damaging to the target because they do not break apart. FMJ does a great job of breaking apart for safety, won’t impact target longevity, and is relatively easy to find. Grizzly steel targets are certified AR500 steel and are either reactive or both reactive and set at a downward pitch to ensure safety. Designed with our MIL/LEO partnerships, Grizzly Targets are built to withstand thousands of FMJ rounds, granted the recommendations are followed.

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