Why Grizzly Targets Is Number 1 in Customer Service

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Why Grizzly Targets Is Number 1 in Customer Service

Funny story for y’all today!

In a pinch over the holidays, a nice woman from North Florida needed her targets before Christmas. After looking at the options, we knew delivery would be a crunch.

I had an idea! My mom was heading to town on Christmas Eve, and she would only need to divert 10 miles or so to drop off the targets at this customer’s house. As I was thinking this out loud, she told me she was a Mom and could not believe what my mind was proposing. We both laughed and figured out another way to get her the targets in time.

What a dumbass thought?!

This story, while hilarious, really speaks to our core values here at Grizzly — we believe Superior Customer Service is only achievable when we get back to the basics. And for us, that means being human. We love answering the phones, chatting with customers about life and the industry, and just truly being present for you. The connection we have with our customers means we know about your pain points, we get to learn what you like and what you want to see more of, and we can jump hurdles together with just a little communication.

Brooks Watkins, Main Grizzly Man
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