A Letter From Brooks Watkins

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A Letter From Brooks Watkins

Dear Valued Customers,

In 2017, I purchased Grizzly Targets not knowing a ton about the steel target industry or even really what galvanization was, but I did know there was something special about this company. I immediately saw countless opportunities to differentiate the product & brand in the industry, build the right team, and simplify strategies.

Without our loyal fans and customers, we could not have accomplished so much in the last two years. Thanks to you all, in 2019, we had the pleasure of doing some awesome things (in no particular order) including:

  • We launched 7 new innovative products including our Galvanized Post, Precision Rifle Target, Gong Hanger Kit, Galvanized Knock Down Stand, Reactive Ground Popper, Lite Pepper Poppers, and our Galvanized Stake in Stand
  • Had a 98% Fulfilment Rate
  • Built over 4000 targets
  • We finally pulled the Free-Shipping lever!
  • Made our prices even more competitive to the market
  • Went to 100% organic marketing
  • Gave away 300+ hats! This is probably my favorite part…everyone likes a free hat ?
  • Spent the first 2 quarters on process improvement and invested in better people and equipment
  • In Q3 and Q4, we beat sales expectations by 4x in only 6 months!
  • Built Custom Sniper Targets for the Army Sniper School
  • Sold targets to 4/5 neighboring Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments
  • Worked hard to build a passionate team who is ready to exceed expectations!
    • After Interviewing 53 people, we hired FOUR awesome team members
  • Company gave bonuses for the first time
  • Had some real team bonding AKA we drank some of our favorite bourbons and whiskeys at the end of a couple (?) office meetings
  • Sean, VP of Development and Sales, competed and was top of the pack in the Tactical Games – Elite Division
  • Grizzly became the Exclusive Target Sponsor for The Tactical Games
  • Almost asked my Mom to deliver a target to a customer! Read the full story here.
  • My amazing wife sold $5k of targets AND my 8-year old son sold $2k at gun show
Grizzly Targets event, Brooks Watkins, and a young boy holding man

We have worked hard to ensure Grizzly Targets manufactures the highest quality products available in the industry while providing unparalleled service to our customers, whether it’s at a conference or on our website; we stick to our values – every target, stand, plate, and post we produce is American made by Veterans, right here in Tampa, Florida.

This new year brings with it many opportunities for growth you can look forward to, including:

  • Launched A Brand New Website – CHECK IT OUT
  • Developing 6 new product lines to launch in 2020!
  • Working towards having the fastest order to delivery time in the industry
  • Hiring 3-5 more team members
  • Investing in more equipment to exceed our next goals

All of us at Grizzly Targets can’t thank you enough. If you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Brooks Watkins, Main Grizzly Man
Email: brooks@grizzlytargets.com
Phone: (813) 374-0548