BYOR (Build Your Own Range) AR500 Steel Plate Rack


Our custom take on the classic AR500 steel plate rack. This package contains everything needed to create a basic plate rack, at an affordable price, while still maintaining quality AR500 steel target durability. Take the springs out of the Dueling Plates and Post Poppers and they will just fall down, perfect for 3 Gun matches when definitive confirmation of hits is needed.

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BYOR (Build Your Own Range) AR500 Steel Plate Rack

The only completely modular plate rack in America. With the exception of the 2×4 post, this entire unit can be broken down to fit inside the trunk of a car!

  • Completely modular plate rack system
  • Plates flip up and down upon impact
  • BYOR System allows for additional targets to be added
  • 1/4″ thick AR500 plates are rated for Pistol ONLY

The BYOR Plate Rack includes:

  • (4) Dueling Plates target face measures 5″W x 1/4″ thick
  • (2) Post Poppers target face measures 6″W x 1/4″ thick
  • (2) BYOR Stands
  • (2) Vertical T Connectors

What Is The Grizzly Galvanization Process?

Our Grizzly Galvanization Process assures that your target will continue functioning for a very long time even if left outside in the elements for years on end. It also ensures your targets are going to keep looking great and not turn into a pile of rust. This process is a key element of our commitment to providing the LONGEST LASTING Steel Target Systems on the market.

**Manufacturer’s suggested distance for all Rifle calibers is 100yds, 25yds or further for Pistol calibers and no more than 3,000fps at the target.**


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