Know Your Limits Trifecta


Unlimited spring loaded action in a compact and affordable setup.

  • The “Know Your Limits” (KYL) Trifecta3/8″ AR500 steel spring loaded poppers w/ strike face options ranging from 1”- 3” or 4” – 6”
    • Once hit, targets fall back and springs back up automatically
    • Compact enough to fit in trunk of car
    • Easy to use yet extremely challenging to hit
    • Legs, body and brackets are hot-dip galvanized to ensure a rust-free target


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Grizzly customers now have the option to upgrade any of our 1/2" or 3/8" Steel Targets to SR500 Steel. SR500 is a ballistic protection steel specifically designed for use in targets, ranges and other armor applications. SR500 has a minimum hardness guarantee of 500 HBW, making it a superior alternative to AR500 plate. Learn more about SR500 Steel in our Learning Center.

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The “Know Your Limits” Trifecta 3/8″ AR500 Target System

All your long range and plinker prayers have been answered with the Grizzly Targets “Know Your Limits” (KYL) Trifecta. With three poppers on one target ranging 1-3” and 4-6”, there are plenty of challenges for your team or yourself with our KYL Trifecta Target System. Unlike your typical “Know Your Limits” target system that gravity hangs independently the KYL Trifecta sits up right and is spring loaded so once you hit the target it falls and then springs back up.  Great for ranges with limited space as it allows accuracy practice at a shorter distance.

Spring loaded AR500 steel that falls back when hit, and springs back up quickly immediately afterwards.  Features include the following:

  • 3 Target faces customers have the option of either target faces ranging 1”– 3” W or 4”-6” W (at widest point) x 14″ H x 3/8″ thick factory tested AR500 steel
  • All three targets fall down on impact and auto-reset in the upright position
  • Grade 8 bolts, Nylock nuts and Industrial Grade Springs
  • Optional removable 3/8″ thick AR500 Front Guard which protects the bolts and hardware
  • Brackets, body, and legs are hot-dip galvanized
  • Rated for rifles, handgun, shotgun and rim fire calibers.

What Is The Grizzly Galvanization Process?

Our Grizzly Galvanization Process assures that your target will continue functioning for a very long time even if left outside in the elements for years on end. It also ensures your targets are going to keep looking great and not turn into a pile of rust. This process is a key element of our commitment to providing the LONGEST LASTING Steel Target Systems on the market.

**Manufacturer’s suggested distance for all Rifle calibers is 100yds, 25yds or further for Pistol calibers and no more than 3,000fps at the target.**


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