Up Close Galvanized Texas Star

The Galvanized Texas Star


Why is our galvanized star the best?

  • Its affordable, easy for you to set up, breaks down for compact storage, looks great and it is Built to Last
  • The entire target is made of galvanized 3/8″ AR500 steel. Ready for Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun
  • Lasts longer than any other star on the market, will not rust on your range.
  • Super smooth double bushings protected by a steel housing(Great for stacking plates on while replacing targets)
  • Hands down the easiest star on the market for you to reset
  • Shooting different calibers? even a 5 year old can adjust the easy smooth plate holder with no tools
  • The Xtra large overbuilt galvanized target base/stand will withstand weather and uneven terrains on your range
  • We want you to have flexibility, use the stand and base to run your other steel targets!
  • Custom plate sizes available


The Grizzly Galvanized Texas Star will last you a lifetime. As you eliminate each target, gravity will start your challenge in different speedy directions. The star is fun its challenging and its excellent for training. Most stars are cumbersome, rusted out and have stopped functioning, nobody likes that. Designed and tested by our LEO/MIL/Shooting sports partners, our star is made completely of galvanized AR 500 steel. Weatherproof and hassle free.

Target features include the following:

  • Star diameter is 50 1/2 inches, center of star is 50 inches tall
  • Galvanized target base is 48 inches high and 1/2 inch thick steel
  • Galvanized target stand is XL wide(24WX32L) for extra stability on uneven surfaces, stand stake down holes also included
  • Target rotation is provided by 2 self aligned 1 inch bushings, protected by a steel housing(Great for stacking plates on while replacing targets)
  • Total weight is only 110lbs, ships in 4 FedEx boxes.
    • #1- 6 Arms/hardware
    • #2- Center assembly
    • #3- Target base
    • #4- XL target stand
  • Simple assembly instructions included
  • Variation of target plates sizes and shapes can be custom ordered

What Is The Grizzly Galvanization Process?

Our Grizzly Galvanization Process assures that your target will continue functioning for a very long time even if left outside in the elements for years on end. It also ensures your targets are going to keep looking great and not turn into a pile of rust. This process is a key element of our commitment to providing the LONGEST LASTING Steel Target Systems on the market.

**Manufacturer’s suggested distance for all Rifle calibers is 100yds, 25yds or further for Pistol calibers and no more than 3,000fps at the target.**

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Allen Richardson, No Name Pistol Club (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and function.

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