1/2″ XL IPSC Reactive Target Package


The XL IPSC Reactive Target Package includes 1/2″ AR500 XL IPSC Reactive Target, 18″ W x 24″ L x 7″ H Galvanized Steel Target Stand, and 4′ tall Galvanized Steel Target Post that are hot-dip galvanized, stays rust-free, and lasts forever. An industry steel target classic, with a few custom upgrades to last longer and allow closer/safer shooting.


Grizzly customers now have the option to upgrade any of our 1/2" or 3/8" Steel Targets to SR500 Steel. SR500 is a ballistic protection steel specifically designed for use in targets, ranges and other armor applications. SR500 has a minimum hardness guarantee of 500 HBW, making it a superior alternative to AR500 plate. Learn more about SR500 Steel in our Learning Center.


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This All-In-One 1/2″ XL IPSC Reactive Target Package Includes:

1/2″ AR500 XL IPSC Reactive Target

The up-armored XL IPSC Reactive Target is 1/2″ thick with reinforced bracketry and hardware. The main body of this target is our classic IPSC Reactive steel target. Features include the following:

  • Designed in partnership with military and law enforcement
  • IPSC target face measures 12″ W x 24″ H x ½” thick factory tested AR500 steel
  • Reinforced swing bracket with gusset, for longevity with heavier targets and wear.
  • Sits at a 27 degree angle to drive bullet splatter downwards and reduce ricochet hazards
  • A reactive target that swings backwards upon being hit, resetting via gravity
  • Hot-dip Galvanized back bracket that will never rust
  • Made of 1/2″ AR500 steel, rated for Handgun, Heavier Rifles and Shotguns
  • Designed in partnership with military and law enforcement
  • System creates a super loud “gonging” sound when hit. That report is amplified even more if combined with one of our Galvanized steel posts (shown in picture)

Galvanized Steel Target Stand

The best target stand in America, hands down. Entire stand is HOT-DIP GALVANIZED.

  • Great stand for any target that utilizes a 2×4 post
  • 18″ W x 24″ L x 7″ H
  • Stake holes at ends of legs for added stability if needed (compatible with any standard stake)
  • Constructed of 1.25″ square tube steel

Galvanized Steel Target Post

Are you tired of buying wood 2x4s every time you head out to the range? Or are your 2x4s getting chewed up and destroyed by errant rounds and spalling? Well look no further than than The new Grizzly Targets Galvanized Steel Post. This post only complements our commitment to making the most heavy duty and weatherproof target systems in the industry. As with most of our products this post is HOT-DIP GALVANIZED so it LASTS FOREVER and STAYS RUST FREE.

  • Great complement to any one using targets stands that utilizes a 2×4 post
  • 4-feet tall to ensure targets are at an adequate training and realistic height
  • Compatible with any 2×4 base and hanger/topper
  • Constructed of 3/8″ thick steel capable of taking multiple hits from errant rounds and spalling without compromising is usability

What Is The Grizzly Galvanization Process?

Our Grizzly Galvanization Process assures that your target will continue functioning for a very long time even if left outside in the elements for years on end. It also ensures your targets are going to keep looking great and not turn into a pile of rust. This process is a key element of our commitment to providing the LONGEST LASTING Steel Target Systems on the market.


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