Professional Reviews

The following are a series of reviews that we have received over the years, showcasing not only the functionality of our steel targets, but also the durability as well. There is a short description below each video explaining the content, along with the group that produced it.

Hopefully these videos give you a better idea of the quality and consistency of our company.  All of our steel targets are hand crafted and thoroughly inspected before leaving the facility, and we hope to partner with all of our customers for the long haul.

Thank you to all of our supporters and if you are interested in sponsorship, promotional and other marketing partnerships, please contact us HERE.

Speaking to the overall consistency and durability of Grizzly steel targets. Via The Firearms Blog.

Side by side comparison of our IPSC Reactive vs competitors.  Via The Late Boyscout. You can purchase this target HERE.

In depth review of our Trifecta target, showing how reactive steel targets function.  Via Gunsumer Reports.  You can purchase this target HERE.

In depth review of our IPSC Reactive target, showing everything from set up to in action. Our AR500 steel targets are built to last. Via The Firearms Blog. You can purchase this steel target HERE.

In depth review of our IPSC Reactive.  Showing both rifle and handgun fire, along with the typical lead and copper splatter you should expect to see on the target face.  Via the team at Edge4006.  You can purchase this target HERE.

It’s not always sunny when you find the need to send rounds downrange. Here are the guys at TTAG having some fun in the snow with our BYOR (Build Your Own Range) Dueling Tree Package. Via The Truth About Guns.  You can purchase our Dueling Plates HERE.  You can purchase this entire package HERE

Quick Note: The BYOR Dueling Tree Package comes with (4) Dueling Plates and (1) Post Popper.  The Post Popper is now spring loaded, so it pops back up once hit.

The team at Okeechobee Shooting Sports offers their customers our AR500 steel targets for sale. This is a great opportunity for ranges to not only add another financial avenue to their business model, but provide their customers a great experience that other ranges cannot. Apply for range discounts HERE.

Mike S.Customer

Customer service was cool and very helpful with getting me what I wanted all the way up the coast same day at a decent price. I recommend.

Bill L.Customer

Stop wasting your time and money on other targets. Grizzly targets are hands down the best shooting target you can buy! No more blasting away foreign, garbage steel straight to the trashcan after a few shoots. I have several Grizzly targets and all are a lifetime investment.

Lindsey P.Customer

Awesome customer service. I initially had some shipping issues (thanks UPS – NOT) but Tyler came through and made everything right. I appreciate a company that will go the extra mile to take care of their customers. THANKS!