Grizzly Targets is Upping the Ante

We’ve partnered with SSAB, the market-leading North American producer of quality steel to bring you a product that’s even tougher and safer than AR500 steel. We are proud to introduce our exclusive SR500 Steel target collection.

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It Doesn’t Get Better than SR500


SR500 Steel has a minimum hardness guarantee of 500 HBN.


SR500 Steel Targets have the highest safety rating available.


SR500 Steel was designed specifically for ballistic resistance.

What is SR500 Steel?

Grizzly Targets takes pride in offering high-quality and innovative products to its customers. One of these products is the SR500, a ballistic protection steel that is designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. The SR500 has a minimum hardness of 500 HBW, making it a superior alternative to AR500 plates. It is perfect for use in ranges, targets, and other armor applications, providing unparalleled protection to those who use it.

The SR500 steel is produced on the same production line as SSAB’s high-quality abrasion-resistant branded steels such as Strenx and Hardox, ensuring that it meets the same rigorous standards for quality and durability. The steel is carefully crafted and inspected by Grizzly Targets’ expert team to ensure that it is of the highest quality before leaving the facility. This attention to detail ensures that customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are using the best steel possible for their needs.

Whether you are a law enforcement agency, military, or just a firearms enthusiast, the SR500 steel from Grizzly Targets is the perfect solution for your ballistic protection needs. Its superior hardness and durability make it an ideal choice for those who demand the best. Contact Grizzly Targets today to learn more about their innovative products and how they can help you take your shooting to the next level.

Test results on a piece of SR500 steel using FMJ rounds

This image above was a professional test using 7.62 x 51 149gr M80 FMJ rounds from 10m on a 3/8″ thickness plate. All 20 hits were on the same spot, without any penetration! See the actual test results in the adjacent chart.

SR500 final ballistic test reports

SR500 Steel vs AR500 Steel

  • SR500 has a minimum hardness guarantee of 500 (up to 590) HBN, making it a superior alternative to AR500 steel which consistently tests below 500 HBN.
  • SR500 is a ballistic protection steel designed for use in targets, ranges, and other armor applications.
  • SR500 steel targets do a better job at preventing pitting and ricochet by simply being harder.
  • SR500 steel has the perfect balance of hardness and ductility to resist cracking from impact, ensuring the longevity of your SR500 Steel Targets.

Direct from the supplier

SR500 steel partnership between Grizzly Targets and SSAB

Grizzly Targets has always been dedicated to producing superior targets and delivering top-notch customer service since we started. Whenever we find ways to make our products better and stronger, we do just that.


When we were presented with the opportunity to work directly with SSAB, the Market-leading North American producer of quality steel to bring you SR500 steel targets we could not pass it up. It’s the Grizzly way and Grizzly Targets are built to last.

Frequently asked questions about these steel targets

Any questions regarding from which distance this steel could should be shot, whether armor piercing or green tip ammunition can be used, which caliber of rounds should be used, among many more, then check out the frequently asked questions page for SR500 steel targets. If there are any further questions that are not answered there, feel free to contact us.