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Up to 40% Off Steel Targets

Grizzly Products Corp. offers gun shops, ranges and training facilities the ability to purchase our AR500 steel targets at discounted rates via our dealer program.

Our Commercial Range Targets are some of the best you will find in the USA, with true AR500 steel target faces and hot dipped galvanized brackets and stands. The galvanizing assures that your equipment will not only keep functioning as intended (it will never rust), but also stay looking sharp. Paper and cardboard target stands are priced aggressively and are also galvanized.

The Build Your Own Range (BYOR) Series is designed specifically for the retail. Tough and durable with AR500 steel, yet light weight and affordable, we have combined the best of both worlds to give customers exactly what they are asking for.

Most customers cannot afford the high price points of tactical targets, and they are heavy and not easy to transport. Customers also don’t appreciate purchasing the typical lower end targets to only have them destroyed after one hour at the range. Build Your Own Range is the perfect middle ground.

By allowing shooters to purchase a few targets at a time, and customize and build their set ups as they go, the BYOR Series gives your customers the ability to take their shooting experience to the next level.

Retailers will love the perfect blend of the BYOR lineup of affordable consumer price points, high end user customization capabilities, all made of durable true AR500 steel. Our custom diamond plated, ammo can style packaging is guaranteed to be an eye catcher on store shelves.

Our wholesale program also features great margins and free shipping is available if certain conditions are met.

Save up to 40% for your store or range today.

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