We’re All Really Excited!

We’re All Really Excited!

We have a lot of very exciting changes happening here at Grizzly Targets!

New Partnership with 3-Gun Nation!

Grizzly Targets has recently partnered with 3-Gun Nation. We are now the official target sponsor for 3-Gun Nation. This means that 3-Gun events will showcase our AR-500 steel target systems. All Grizzly Targets are laser cut, and hand-crafted in the United States. All of our components and stands are fully galvanized. This is unique to Grizzly Targets. Nobody else is doing this. Fully galvanized parts and stands means that they will never rust! This is part of the Grizzly Guarantee.

Along with 3-Gun, we have created a club series program. This program will allow match directors and members to acquire Grizzly Targets as a perk for joining and competing in G-Gun matches.

Brand New Equipment in the Warehouse!

Grizzly Targets has recently invested in new equipment which will allow us to have shorter lead times and customization of our products. This equipment is going to improve the customer experience!

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